• Jul 10 2019

    Lowest taxes in European Union

    Bulgaria is one of the European Union nations with the lowest rate of property taxation and in top 5 low tax destinations worldwide. Real property tax – an annual real estate tax is levied on the owner of immovable property at a rate between 0,01 % and 0,45 % of the tax value of the…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Why to invest in Bulgaria?

    Bulgarian Real Estates gives you 10 reasons to buy a property in sunny Bulgaria : Very cheap real estates compared to the European price levels; Low level of taxes ; Perfect Location: All European countries are just a couple of hours away from Bulgaria; Breath-taking nature: Fresh air, pure water, virgin forests, splendid seaside –…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Why buy land in Bulgaria?

    Buying building land in Bulgaria means that immediately after you have the notary deed in your hands you can make an architectural plan and get a permission to start building. That comes to show that with buying land in Bulgaria you can become a participant in the continuously developing property market here and make excellent…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Investing in building land

    Investing in building land in Bulgaria is said to be one of the most profitable investments. The growth in the prizes for building land for the last couple of years has been really essential. On some places this increase exceeds 100% for the last year. Foreign investors who have bought building land ski areas or close…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Professional legal advices

    Preparation of the documents needed for the purchase or sale of a land property in Bulgaria. Company registrations Checks for encumbrances Preparation of contracts and deeds Checking all documents ofthe transaction, including those made ​​by third parties (eg documents notary) to ensure that your interests are fully protected Representation of a transaction for the sale…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Agricultural land management

    We currently manage farm assets for a substantial list of investors, investment funds and large family estates throughout Bulgaria. A list of references is available upon request. Our in-depth professional experience enables us to offer a variety of management options to fit our clients’ specific needs with complete flexibility, providing superior results.. We are sure…

  • Jul 10 2019

    Agricultural & Forestry land

    We offer all services regarding the purchase, sale or managing of an agricultural land property in Bulgaria, such as: Buying and selling of agricultural and forestry land in Bulgaria. Letting and leasing of land in Bulgaria. Land Swaps: Swapping of lands with the state agricultural fund, municipal authorities as well as with investment funds, individuals and private…

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