Jul 10 2019

Agricultural & Forestry land

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We offer all services regarding the purchase, sale or managing of an agricultural land property in Bulgaria, such as:

  • Buying and selling of agricultural and forestry land in Bulgaria.
  • Letting and leasing of land in Bulgaria.
  • Land Swaps: Swapping of lands with the state agricultural fund, municipal authorities as well as with investment funds, individuals and private corporations.
  • Tilling your lands and managing the management of the marketing process.
  • Applying on your behalf for EU agricultural subsidies under the direct payment system.
  • Managing the application process for a change of zoning of your land, for development purposes.
  • Advice on leverage and mortgage financing.


Additional services include:

  • Consultancy, advice & recommendations with regards to your investments and return optimisation.
  • Research & Analysis of investment enhancements opportunities ( vineyard, orchard development, investment in corn storage facilities, wind turbines and bio-diesel refinery facilities etc.)
  • Organising & arranging your travel and stay in Bulgaria, as well as trips around the country to view your investments.
  • Legal support – Put you in touch with council, solicitor or notary public.
  • Tax & Accounting support – Put you in touch with an independent tax and corporate accountant.

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